Saturday, October 25, 2014

MJ Lastimosa @ Miss Universe Beauty Pageant

by: Psychic Astrid & Psychic August

Psychic August

For this reading, I used the Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot card.

MJ Lastimosa, the Philippines' finest bet yet to secure the much-eluded Miss Universe crown, will come close, very close in fact, to become a major finalist in the coming Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

She will be a favorite for the title, but not quite winning it in the end. It's a south american woman who is destined to bring home the crown to her home country.

Although coming quite close to bagging the much coveted title, but not winning it, she will become an instant celebrity in the Philippines, like the previous Miss Universe bets -  SISIKAT SIYA! She'll get hero's welcome, an audience with the president, addressing the Senate and Congress.  Modeling contracts, hosting, and bits of acting offers, numerous commercial endorsements, will come her way. Thus a new Filipina Star is born!

Psychic Astrid

For my first deck, I take the Goddess cards. Let us have a look now, what the cards are telling about this beautiful lady. Here, I have the Magician, the Wisdom, the Guardian, the World, the Nature.

That means - people like the way she moves and her intelligence. Furthermore, she has something mysterious around her and when she smiles, it seems, that she has a wonderful hidden secret. This makes the people curious, and they want to discover, what is behind these nice eyes and her wonderful smile.

This is the reason, why they want to see more from her and they will vote for her, more than expected.

Her appearance is very attractive and she has enough power and energy to keep this level of engagement until the end of the competition - but the other girls are also very beautiful and so it will be a very hard fight.

I see her on the stairs of success - but not as number one - in the cards I see the number 2 or 3.

And after this competition she will have a lot of job offers (like publicity or modelling).

I will do a re-check now with another deck - just to see what the other deck is showing and to be sure about the result. Here, I have a similar result - the Soldier, the Business, the Movement, the Work.

This means, that the way will be very hard and and she has to move a lot, to get the necessary success. She will be successful, but not as much as she would want it to be. She will get the possibility to travel and to earn very good money after this big event and she will be a famous person.

But unfortunately, I must repeat, she will not have the crown - she will be under the Top 10 yes, but not the absolute winner.

Blogger's Note:  In as much as I really wanted to get an objective psychic prediction for our dear MJ Lastimosa's stint in the coming Miss Universe pageant, I requested two psychics - 1 Filipino, and 1 foreigner to see what their divinatory genius show.  Aside from each psychics' vibes, 3 different sets of divinatory cards were used for this reading.