Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The ALDUB Loveteam Psychic Prediction #AlDub

by: Psychic 2Light

Photo: GMA News
What is the future of the popular "ALDUB" showbiz loveteam?  What could their fans expect in the next several months or even years?  Will they come off together in a romance outside showbiz?

There is excitement around this show and a chemistry between the two actors.  I sense a plethora of opportunity not only for the characters in the show but the writers as well.  Although actors and actresses get the credit for bringing characters to life, it is the writers whose imagination give birth to the idea and the show itself. 

There is success ahead for the loveteam. Their separation in the show is what drives the interest.  That separation will continue because the storylines are endless for bringing them together then separating them. It is about choice and options.  I sense that the writers have a unique plot twist coming up.  They want the show to be fresh and original.  The basis of the question is that anything is possible.  There will be tension between the main characters, obstacles will arise but they will ultimately come together.  There is balance in the show as well. I sense that this comes from the actors themselves. 

The basis is the Sun, this represents a big "Yes" to what the characters want.  They have found love but now they must maintain it, which is where the fun in the show begins.  There is a possibility for marriage ahead for these characters along with a sense that they will have to win over someone else.  This of course means that a character will be introduced who will try and enchant the female character away from her love.  I sense that the male protagonist will win out but not before having to go through hurdles to get there.  There will be unsettled emotions, a feeling of what if I don't go with this person or if I do go with them what will happen.  All of us ask these questions every day, so the show will mimic that and it will mirror our own insecurities. This is what makes the show fun and endearing.  The writers are putting a little of themselves into the character lines as well.  This too makes it spontaneous.  The show will reach new heights and the viewers are going to love the ride. 

Both actors are strong in their talents. They have bright futures ahead of them and they are exquisitely talented!

As for the two of them being involved with each other outside the biz, I sense that they have other energy around them, so at this time I don't see them as coming together off screen in a romance.  I do see their characters coming together in a unique and fun way, which will keep everyone on their toes.

Psychic 2LIGHT has been doing psychic readings for over 20 years.  He uses the Tarot and, combined with his intense intuitive, clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, he listens to the voice of Spirit, which is the ultimate voice in the path to love, light and happiness.