Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pres. Noynoy Aquino @ The Mamasapano Massacre & Bangsamoro Basic Law

The Senate Inquiry

Despite entreaties coming from various sectors of society which was clearly voiced out by Senator Bongbong Marcos, President Noynoy Aquino will not really 'step up' and clearly explain his role in the Mamasapano massacre that took the lives of 44 SAF troopers and a number of civilians, as the Senate inquiry for it continues. Only vague statements will come from him while evidence of his key leadership role in the operation will keep on coming out.  The official stand of the administration will still be that police director Getulio Napenas was running the whole operation, thus, taking the blame.  Pnoy's role in the whole thing will still come out as indirect,  as well as his close aide, outgoing PNP Chief Gen. Alan Purisima; he is still on his way out of the PNP.

During the entirety of the Senate probe into the Mamasapano massacre which has just concluded, some senators appeared to cover up Pnoy's main role in the whole thing; they will continue to do so in this post investigation period.

And the central truth will not be revealed in this inquiry - that basically operation Exodus is primarily a United States motivated and supported operation; that US presence, albeit indirect, was apparent in the whole incident. There will be implications of greed also driving the key persons involved,  but this, as well as the US involvement will never really come out.

Bangsamoro Basic Law, Fall of Aquino's Popularity, 
The Nobel Prize

The Bangsamoro Basic law will still be put into effect late this year,  inspite of the whole Mamasapano misadventure, although it will be a modified, watered down version of it.  House deliberations upon it resume within the coming second quarter of this year, thus guaranteeing that Pnoy will get a shot at the Nobel Peace Prize which is also one of his main reasons for pushing this as a way to gain peace in the Mindanao region.   He will get the Nobel Peace Prize a few years after he finishes his term as the 15th president of the Republic of the Philippines.  Although at that time the image of the  Aquino legacy will be severely weakened due to the failure of said head of state to open up to responsibility during the entirety of the Mamasapano incident, as well as the other past indiscretions of the Aquino family which has made them lose favor with the Filipino public. Currently, Pnoy's ratings are dismally down, with the SWS currently not making any mention of it, and this will be the case  through most of this year.

There will still be no successful coup de etat attempt against Pnoy, mainly being secretly hatched by a very rich man very very close to the Aquino's.  It seems that this is not the first time that someone very close to them has plotted to inflict harm upon them;  this will come out more clearly in the next several years; Pnoy will quietly finish his term, leaving for the US shortly after for an indefinite period of rest following his presidency; after a while he will settle down with a very young woman.

But before ending his presidency, Pnoy, as a result of public disfavor, will receive a weak reaction as he endorses the administration's political candidate for the 2016 Presidential Elections; it will be current DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.  Even as he does this, the Aquino family will appear in public eyes to support VP Jejomar Binay's bid for the presidency.  Thus, a dichotomy will ensue which will further the existing gap between Pnoy and Mar Roxas due to the latter being kept in the dark, and having been bypassed in the whole Mamasapano operation.

Justice for #Fallen 44 Victims 

Lastly, no real justice will be had by the surviving loved ones left by the SAF44 troopers, except from dole outs by various LGU's, well-meant persons and groups, as the MILF has declared that it will in now way surrender the men responsible for the brutal killing of the 44 hapless SAF troopers,  telling the loved ones of the #fallen44 that there is no other way but to accept the situation as that is the way of war; they will still hold on to this position even through the passing of the BBL.

Reading Date: February 24, 2015
Photo: Rappler