Location: Israel

"It is said to touch another soul is to walk upon holy ground. Soul truth comes from the soul compost that is beneath our feet as we journey together. It is hope that these words will be experienced as sacred thoughts to perhaps offer comfort, guidance, and healing."

Psychic Massada has been a spiritual healer for over 25 years, and has worked with authors, crime cases, princesses and other dignitaries. She works from Israel, and channels the highest levels of energy, bringing intense accurate readings. She has worked throughout the world, and considers the Holy Land with many advantages to her readings. Her philosophy is "unpredictability of the universe means that everything is possible, some things can be improbable but never impossible".

"In my readings I will channel from entities from above, they will tell me what you need and ready to hear, I bring healing energy into each reading so the reader will know after each reading a process of self healing will begin."

Psychic Massada uses different locations throughout the Holy Land, where she spends meditating and healing for others even after she is done reading for them.  "I receive many calls saying their lives have drastically changed after I read for them."

Experience in Divination

Over 25 years as spiritual reader, and an authentic sand reader.  She studied with the head of one tribe in the Holy Land, a technique that is not allowed to be given out to just anyone. This is an ancient technique passed down from centuries, and even until today, certain beduoins use this even in military actions.

Famous Clients

Worked with authors, crime cases, princesses and other dignitaries.