Monday, November 3, 2014

Bianca Guidotti @ Miss International 2014

Psychic Chango

Mary Anne (Bianca) will be in the first '10' places and she will be one of the favorites, but look, she will not win the crown. I feel 'something' behind the selection process, and you'll see that the person who wins the crown is not the best for it.

For Mary Anne, her current position represents for her a period and an opportunity to grow, she will know people who will help her grow in her career.  But for her, it only represents a learning process rather than winning.  She is well-prepared but she knows she will not win this 'match'.  However, this is a great experience for her and she's very conscious of it.  I feel among the girls, who will be in top places, an oriental girl getting a prize, but not the first place.

Now, look, Mary Anne has a lot of things to work on to win. She will realize this is not only a matter of beauty, and exactly this is what she wants and what she expects to live there - the experience, that helps her learn what it takes to be a better representative of the Philippines.

For this reading, I worked with my spirit guide, and substantiated what was relayed to me with Qabalistic tarot

I used the Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot deck for this prediction, and obtained the following cards - the Hanged Man, the King of Disks, The Emperor, and the Ten of Cups.

I'm afraid I do not see Miss Guidotti winning the Miss International crown, although she will be a fan favorite. She will miss out on points, causing another candidate, with a very fair complexion, to emerge as the successor to Ms. Bea Santiago.

A man, which I read to be an authority among the people behind Miss International, may also have something to do with her not emerging the winner, although this will be behind the scenes, not coming out in the public's purview.

Photo: Bb. Pilipinas

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