Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Showbiz Prediction: Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil #LizQuen

by: Psychic Jay

Thanks for letting me read for this beautiful love team once again.

For the coming year 2017, I see both of them progressing steadily in their careers, although the lady would seem to enjoy more diversed and wider opportunities than the gentleman.  Having said this, in their off-screen life, the gap generated by their career progress and inert personality differences may cause one to be more dominating than the other, and may represent a potential source of conflict between them.

There will be issues between them that will call a need to be calm and unsuspecting during the year. This relationship may enter a delicate or fragile state but its not necessarily the end of it as long as they will be more open in communicating and expressing expectations, and resolving misunderstanding before they get out of control.

If they could overcome these issues, their relationship will reach a deeper level during the year, but not yet to a stage of serious commitment as that could still take many years down the road.  As what I had shared last year, Liza & Enrique would really need to work hard to make things happen.

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