Saturday, January 30, 2016

Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil

by: Psychic Jay

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to read for this love-team.

What I see for them is some sort of routine that makes their relationship lack the excitement that it needs to keep burning.  It seems the excitement is not balanced, that one is more devoted to it than the other who is just going through the flow but looking for more than what there is already.

Coincidentally, there would be a big development in their relationship in the next 6 months.  Thereafter, they will need some serious time to determine exactly what they want if the relationship is to grow even further, although it also shows in the reading that they are more engrossed with their work and daily routine, thus will not have, and even refuse to have the time, to think of where the relationship is headed to.  At this point in time, maybe its still early days, what I see is frustrations in keeping the relationship on track.  However, as I have mentioned earlier, they should try to make things work and make this relationship worthwhile for both sides.

Right now, what I feel is that their energies are scattered, primarily because they are not yet sure of what they really want and therefore, are unable to focus on them.

Psychic Jay is a dream-precognition psychic, a clairvoyant and a seasoned tarot reader. Some of his significant predictions include Obama's presidency, the rise of ISIS, the German World Cup championship, and the recent Mayweather victory.