Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jennifer Hammond @ Miss Intercontinental 2016

Ms. Jennifer Hammond will be gracefully upbeat, her spirits will be soaring high, and she will be ready for action at the 2016 Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant.

When I focused on how Jennifer will fare at the Miss Intercontinental pageant, the overall message I got was on the fairness of the competition - that there would be some sort of things being unfair on how winners get chosen. This will pose to distract Jennifer's focus and confidence during the pageant, but she will be up there to play fair and square. The pageant will be emotional for her, and the behavior of other pageant candidates will make her experience what it takes to be in a real competition.

Jennifer has strong instincts and sense of wisdom, and she is advised to trust them during the pageant.  She is also advised not to be overwhelmed during the preparation and the pageant itself, and that she should take a break from her routine to re-charge her energy and keep her focus.  Additionally, she is encouraged to seek help when she needs it, as she is not alone in this journey.

Jennifer will perform well and place high in the competition. Although it is not shown in this reading that she gets the crown, I will not be surprised if she eventually bags the first Philippines Miss Intercontinental crown, as nothing is set in stone.

Along with her supporters, she will be very proud of her accomplishment at the 2016 Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant.

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