Sunday, June 12, 2016

Prediction on Maxine Medina @ Miss Universe 2016

by: Psychic Jay

Ms. Maxine Medina is aware that there is a lot on her plate to prepare for the 2016 Miss Universe Pageant.  While there is a huge amount of anxiety coming from expectations around her, she acknowledges that she has to start somewhere, and conscious that she needs to improve her craft in order to be at her best during the competition.

As what this spread tells me, Maxine is making good choices and important decisions in preparation for the 2016 Miss Universe Pageant. The overall message from this reading speaks of acknowledgement of what needs to be improved, making the right decision on the course of action, and maintaining her focus to prepare for the upcoming competition.

As to whether she would bring home the fourth Miss Universe crown for the Philippines, I get the message that there is still a lot to be accomplished towards this feat as of date.  No, she would not make the cut if the pageant were to be staged in the next few days.  However, if she could stay on the track of self-development, converting her anxiety into enthusiasm -- and taking actions -- she would make it well in the 2016 Miss Universe Pageant.  I wish her all the best.

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