Thursday, September 1, 2016

Miss Earth 2016 Psychic Prediction

Many thanks to all the readers who liked my Miss Universe 2015 prediction last year.

Today, August 31, 2016 and a solar eclipse, I present my prediction for the 2016 Miss Earth Beauty Pageant.

These are the top candidates that were shown to me:
  1. The name shall start with K, will clear all the hurdles to reach at heights;
  2. The next best will have name with R, will look like a doll;
  3. On a good position I see the letter K again;
  4. There is another beauty that will have letter R starting in her name, will have a fair chance to be at the top.
In summary, I see the letter K, R, and also G ruling the hearts.

These are what I saw at this time, I will surely share with you further when I receive more.

Love and light,