Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Psychic Vision of Nuclear War: World War 3 Prediction

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Before it all begins there will be a war of words followed by peace talks; nothing will be right but all will be false. Unfortunately, this destruction cannot be avoided!

I look at the sky: number 8 is seen in golden and red colour, and a warning date or connected number for whatever is seen.  Nuclear war starts from a place that looks deserted!

Man who thinks is a warrior, wears an army outfit and a cap at the time of death and destruction. With no one to trust, it will be launched from a land that’s barren and deserted, sand and stones are seen. It shall be a long range rocket marked in red and he presses the button and no one else. He did it in agony and pain, for a revenge that’s already lost and nothing gained, he shall be running and wiped out by the forces of the east and the west.

I see people flying from burning scrapers, bricks flying in sky like red sugar candies in burning sun!

A war that lasts two months and two weeks.  World will feel it’s the end!

With survivors it’s a new world for them again. Survivors will not be able to take a rest! Hospitals will remain full.  Life will take a backseat for seven years and six months.  A new modern era will rise after a complete 21 years of crippling life.

A vision that is very disturbing; the signals that I'm getting are very strong!


October 31, 2017