Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sebastian "Baste" Duterte Prediction

by: Psychic August

Sebastian "Baste" Duterte, one of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte's sons, has received a lot of attention lately, owing not only to the unprecedented victory of his father in the last May 9 polls, but also due to his own direct, frank, simple personality which became apparent to the public as he formally campaigned for his dad the past few months.

Now what makes Baste Duterte tick? Surprisingly, the 8 of Cups drawn from the Marseilles deck indicates that he is the "under achiever" when compared to his older siblings, being quite content with his surfing and business pursuits.

However, the next cards drawn indicate that, whether he likes it or not, Baste Duterte will be in the limelight in the immediate future, again greatly owing to his dad being the new President of the Philippines, and to his own innate charisma, and will give him a lot of opportunities for informal TV guestings, impromptu modelling for various ads, frequent hot topic in the showbiz gossip columns and society pages, although he will not actively pursue a formal foray into either show business or modelling.

Regarding his love life, although he makes countless girls swoon over him with his recent exposure to the public, the 9 of Coins tarot card drawn for his love life points out that although he may be linked to this someone in upcoming gossip columns, Baste Duterte will remain drawn to a quiet life with his current live-in partner.