Saturday, March 12, 2016

The March 9, 2016 Solar Eclipse's Effect on You

by: Psychic August

Solar eclipses usher in new beginnings in one's life, according to astrology. It marks the chance to discover horizons, and chart a new path in a particular area of your life.

The solar eclipse last March 9, which was mostly visible from parts of Indonesia and partially from eastern and the rest of south east Asia, left its effects on people who did get to see it, as well as the rest of us.  Check it out!
  • Aries - Dreams become more vivid and meaningful in the next several weeks; stronger intuition & sensitivity to psychic impressions will be experienced; a deep spiritual transformation occurs. 
  • Taurus - Old friendships will be revived and become more meaningful; new friendships will be formed in the next several weeks or months that will have more meaningful impact on one's life; a dream or a long cherished wish will come true in the next several weeks or months. 
  • Gemini - Greater inspiration for career advancement , growth is discovered; a more positive exposure to the public is experienced. 
  • Cancer - An opportunity for long distance travel to exotic, mysterious places is given, as well as the chance for higher education; a renewed and more meaningful interest in religion is felt 
  • Leo - new investment opportunities are discovered which can be more promising, as well as the cleansing of tax related problems or long held credit occurs; a chance for inheritance becomes possible. 
  • Virgo - significant one to one relationships may be formed with the feeling that one has known the other from way back in one's life, as well as the start of a joint activity that will strengthen an already existing major relationship. 
  • Libra - a way to break free from old habits that have detrimental effects on one's health is discovered; a healing occurs. 
  • Scorpio - A burst of creativity is experienced; artistic talents and a deep interest in art occurs. 
  • Sagittarius - A new perspective on one's childhood & early upbringing that improve's one's self esteem is gained; a healing &/or a meaningful reunion of family relations occurs in the next few weeks or months 
  • Capricorn - One's social network will increase with the addition of more helpful people, which can also lead to the fulfillment of a wish or a long cherished dream 
  • Aquarius - Money making opportunities which is very inspiring will be discovered & will lead to the fulfillment of goals & wishes; greater sensitivity to public trends may be experienced which can lead to great financial profit 
  • Pisces - Your self - esteem transforms and becomes more positive; a more altruistic and compassionate personality is exhibited
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