Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pacquiao vs Mayweather - May 2, 2015 Welterweight

by: Psychic GU

Blogger's note:  Hi guys, I would like to share the prediction made by Psychic Gu last year, which I had decided not to post before because I had  already published an article on the topic at that time. Just now, I stumbled upon this and realized it's worthy of being shared because some of its key components have indeed come to pass, and the details seemed interesting.  So here it is, enjoy!

I did a spread for this topic, and my prediction is that they will face each other.  Promoter, Bob Arum, will try to organize the biggest Welterweight championship in 2015. [Already happened]

Time Line: 2015 March - May [Already happened]

Manny Pacquiao is definitely ambitious, and also has a bit of an egoistic attitude.  He is so confident of success, and is ready for this challenge.

The fight will be a very cruel one.  The final outcome is that Manny Pacquiao will get the crown.  It will be surrounded by controversy. Questions of unruly use of power, unfairness, and complaints from crowds of fans will arise.  Even after winning, the victory looks useless. 

There will be a lot of rumors, unexplained things or some hidden mysteries that will not be disclosed to the public.  There will be many questions from the media.  All questions and obstacles will be resolved later.

Tools for this prediction: Tarots, IChing, and Chinese fortune sticks.

Reading date:  December 12, 2014
Photo: Mayweather Promotions