Saturday, February 28, 2015

Solution to ISIS Problem?

Christians lined up before beheading
" Very sad dreams.  ISIL / ISIS will never be defeated.  GOD warned of this evil many years ago. 

We have left it too late to face the evil they believe in.

I have predicted for 30 years this terror we now see.

The whole muslim world is now at war, only Indonesia and Malaysia are safe for now. "

Reading Date:  February 26, 2015


  1. admin please have more of your psychics write about their predictions on ISIS. will they be defeated in the near future? will Jihadi John be captured and killed?

    1. Hi thanks for the suggestion. I will ask if they have other vibes aside from what was already published. From previous predictions from Psychic Spy, it was said this crisis would last half a century; I will publish as soon as Psychic Spy gets an update from dreams.

      Here's the first article relating to ISIS / ISIL caliphate:

  2. I started dreaming of ISIS men 20 years ago... Over and over again. The dreams would happen even more frequently until the first time I saw them on the news. I have not had one dream of them since. It was all clear to me then that the dreams were indeed about them. First they were in my nightmares, then they were in my waking life.

  3. wow, are you with dream precognition? share us more. please contact the admin?