Saturday, August 13, 2016

Philippine Prediction: Will President Duterte Finish His Term?

by: Psychic August

Will President Duterte finish his term?

The absolute answer is YES.

In my previous prediction, there will be attempts to impeach or even assassinate President Duterte, but none of those will succeed.  President Duterte will be able to accomplish his 6-year term.

Apart from many unprecented feat, including the much debated approach on eradicating illegal drugs, President Duterte will be genuinely pushing for a federal form of government.  By the end of the year, the convention or assembly will be finalized to put up the framework of the new Philippine federal government .

Within 2 years, the Republic of the Philippines will adopt federalism, which will be tailored to suit the country.

The Death Penalty Law and Divorce Law will be passed during the first 2 years of his term.

As mentioned in my June 2016 prediction, President Duterte will deliver drastic but long-lasting changes, aimed towards the good of the country:
... the result is strong impulses of bringing about destruction, death, annihilation to deliver complete lasting changes, seen to benefit the greater good. And so it is these influences that Mayor Duterte has been internally feeling lately that has made him to utter threats like closing down congress and the judiciary, declaring martial law, changing the constitution, drenching the streets with the blood of all criminals and those that dare to threaten his administration, with their heads and limbs rolling all over the place.  It is most likely that these impulses will be continuously felt by him into the next several years of his administration.
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