Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chiz Escudero Prediction: 2016 Vice Presidential Election

Using the Marseilles tarot deck, it is shown that Senator Chiz Escudero will not be successful in the current Philippine Vice Presidential race in spite of the appearance that he is in the lead according to the very recent public surveys.

This is similar to my previous prediction about Senator Escudero, when he chose an inauspicious date to formally launch his VP run which is just a day short of a Mercury retrograde in astrology.  The date chosen by Senator Escudero to start his Philippine VP campaign is also considered to be inauspicious when using the Rosicrucian Law of Cycles, or what is known as the "Saturn Cycle" of esoteric astrology.

Hence, the formal start of his VP campaign did not provide the strong push required to make him the next Vice President of the Philippines, as will be seen in the eve of the Philippine elections in May 2016, surveys notwithstanding.

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