Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero @ 2016 Philippine Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections

by: Psychic August

Senator Grace Poe, after launching her presidential campaign last Sept 16, will continue to be plagued with problems and controversies, due to the wrong timing of  her announcement being done within a two-day corridor of a Mercury retrograde period, plus at an hour when the moon is changing signs ("void of course" in astronomical and astrological circles ). Even if she has the luck brought by planet Jupiter on her side, which is crossing or "transiting' her natal sign of Virgo) which gifted her with becoming an early favorite for the presidency by topping the surveys, she will face attacks from those that would concretely and objectively expose the many things about her - residency, citizenship, etc., that point out her ineligibility for the presidency at this time.

The planet Jupiter transiting her sign of Virgo at this period of time, may not have only given her the luck of being an early favorite in the presidential race, but may have given her a dose of over confidence which can be seen by her opting to be an independent candidate.  She will come out as vague and too general when laying out her programs.

Last September 13's solar eclipse, which also occurred in the sign of Virgo may have also pushed Senator Grace Poe to go on with the announcement of her candidacy. This is a major turning point in her life, a new beginning, which all solar eclipses herald.

Even if she manages to get to file her candidacy for the presidency, she will lose to a male rival.

On the other hand, Sen. Francis 'Chiz' Escudero's announcement of his run for the vice presidential position, which occurred the next day following Sen. Grace Poe's announcement, was better timed in the sense that it was made when the moon was already securely placed in the astrological sign of Scorpio, and at an auspicious time in that morning when he made his announcement.  However, it still falls within the eve of the start of a Mercury retrograde, and the announcement was made during a weak period of Senator Escudero's life cycle (within 52 days before his October 10th birthday, a period known as the "7th cycle" or the Saturn period in esoteric astrology), which will cause uncertainty on his vice presidential aspiration.

I don't see him securing the Philippine Vice President position in 2016, either.