Friday, August 28, 2015

Parul Shah @ 2015 Miss Grand International

by: Psychic Astrid 

Let's have a look, what the cards are showing about this nice lady!

Here, let's start with the the kipper-cards:  The Creativity, The Gift, The Good Man, The Saloon, The Good News.  What a nice drawing - only positive cards!!!

So, first of all, she is a person who possesses creativity - even in difficult situations, she finds ways to solve the problem at hand, and that is because she always has good ideas.  The Miss Grand International contest will be like a gift for her, and the jury will like her.  The saloon means, that she feels at home on stage and her behavior is very natural and attractive.  So at the end she will have some very good news.

Now let's check with the the Goddess cards: The End/ New Beginning, The Deep Love, The Rhythm of Life, The Persistence, The Past Life.  

The Goddess cards are advising as to what she should do and what she should avoid to be successful.  She will close one door and she will start a new direction.  She loves what she does and the people around her feel her warm charisma.  She should keep this attitude, even when she has the feeling of not being sure about herself.  She needs to persist on her position.  It can happen that she will compare some situations with her past and in this case, she should remember only the positive moments to transmit this bright aura.  This will help her a lot and the people will adore her.  Wherever she is, she has a lot of fans.  This is the reason why she will get good job offers in the field of  modelling or public relations.  She will have the possibility to start a successful career . 

Altogether, Ms. Parul Shah has excellent chances of winning the 2015 Miss Grand International contest.

Special thanks to dear blog followers, Yoki and Soviet, for the question!

Photo: Bb. Pilipinas