Friday, March 27, 2015

Junjun Binay vs Kid Peña @ Ultimate Makati Mayor

by: Psychic August

Let's see what awaits Junjun Binay and Kid Peña using the Celtic Cross spread, the oldest method for analyzing and predicting situations using tarot cards!

Time and fate will favor Junjun Binay, as the Supreme Court will issue a statement upholding the Court of Appeals TRO against the suspension order issued by the Ombudsman.

This will enable Mayor Junjun Binay to continue on as Mayor of Makati, putting an end to Vice Mayor Ronaldo "Kid" Peña's bid as acting Mayor.

Please see below the detailed 10 cards drawn for the Celtic Cross spread.  Cards 1-9 manifest the status and conditions surrounding the issue.  The"outcome" is on the 10th card:

1st card (The central issue) - The 9 of Wands

Junjun Binay, son of Vice president Jejomar Binay, and Mayor of Makati  is suspended by the ombudsman for 6 months, along with other city officials, in connection with the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall parking building.  Mayor Junjun Binay reacted by not accepting the suspension order served by the DILG, declaring that the allegation against him are politically motivated.  He then barricaded himself in his office in the 21st floor of the new Makati City Hall building. His supporters responded and arrived in droves to protect him from being forced out of office, facing off with a 1000 or so policemen that came in with the DILG officials.

2nd card (The obstacles that stand in the way) - The Hanged Man

Mayor Junjun Binay asked the DILG to withhold the enforcement of the 6 month preventive suspension order of the ombudsman, pending his petition with the court of appeals for a temporary restraining order. Instead the DILG insisted on implementing this suspension. More riot police arrived in the city hall, as even more supporters of the Mayor arrived, resulting in a deadlock as Mayor Junjun continued to stay in his office.  Makati City Vice Mayor Romulo "Kid" Peña is then sworn in to take over the mayoralty of Makati.

3rd Card (The best that can be achieved without any significant change) - Queen of Pentacles

This represents the ombudsman, Conchitina Carpio Morales, who issued a suspension order vs Mayor Binay and other makati city officials.  An hour after the DILG has served the suspension order, the court of appeals issued a TRO on the Ombudsman's suspension order amidst Mayor Binay's refusal to honor that suspension order. Ombudsman Carpio Morales reacted by pointing out that TRO has been rendered ineffectual as her suspension order was already served before the issuance of the TRO.  Several days later Mayor Binay then filed a complaint before the CA asking it to hold in contempt the Ombudsman, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima for defying the TRO.  The CA then asked all concerned to respond to the contempt charges.  Ombudsman Carpio Morales declared that the Court of Appeals has gravely undermined its mandate upon its issuance of the TRO over Mayos Binay's suspension order, and that asking her, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas & DOJ secretary Leila de Lima to answer to contempt charges is illegal and improper.

4th card (The foundation on which the situation is based) - Three of Wands

The bone of contention here is the Mayoralty of Makati - who is the rightful mayor at this time? Is it still Mayor Binay, even if there is a 6-month suspension order against him issued by the Ombudsman? Will the Court of appeals TRO against the suspension order finally be in effect, enabling him to continue on as Makati mayor? Or will Vice Mayor Romulo Peña, having been sworn in as acting Mayor of Makati  finally be able to serve uncontested as the city mayor? Will the suspension order vs Mayor Binay finally be in effect?

5th card (The passing influence) - The Lovers

Before all this occured, Vice Mayor Pena was once an ally of the Binay's.  However, ever since he became the running mate of then Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado in 2010, and especially now taking up the role of acting Mayor of Makati who is recognized by the ombudsman and both the DILG & DOJ, that alliance is a thing of the past.

6th card (An approaching influence) - The Sun

In a few weeks, the strange situation of having 2 mayors in Makati City Hall will finally be resolved in a way that is final, beneficial and harmonious to all, at least for the people of Makati and to Mayor Binay, as the latter would be recognized as still being the legitimate head of Makati by the higher judicial power of the Supreme Court, upholding the TRO issued by the Court of Appeals over the suspension order given out by the Ombudsman.

7th card (The attitude adopted) - Strength

ln all this Mayor Binay apparently refused to back down, holed himself out his office, while his supporters remained at hand to ensure he would not be evicted from Makati City Hall.

8th card (The environment and people involved) - The Empress

As this impasse between the two mayors developed, it became apparent that Mayor Binay still had the support of most Makati City Hall employees, the residents of Makati who trooped to the city hall in the eve of his suspension, and even 3rd party groups which the city hall has to deal with like the Makati Business Club, DTI, and even the Landbank officials who released the salaries of city hall employees.

9th card (The hopes and fears) - 7 of Pentacles

Perhaps what both Junjun Binay & Kid Peña fear is that there will be no end to this deadlock, and Makati will still indefinitely have two mayors, which will negatively affect Makati City Hall functions.  It is also what the people of Makati fear -- the strange situation in their city.

10th card (The outcome) - The High Priestess

Higher powers, in this situation, the Supreme Court will intervene and put the strange situation in order. The TRO of the CA will be upheld by these highest magistrates of the country over that of the suspension order issued by the Ombudsman, enabling Mayor Junjun Binay to continue on unoppossed as the sole Mayor of Makati, at least for 60 days with bond.

Reading Date: March 25, 2015
Photo: Inquirer
*Tarot cards on photo do not represent actual cards drawn for this reading