Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ex-Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

by: Psychic Astrid

Could you do a reading on the outcome of ex-President Arroyo's plunder charges?  Will she be convicted?

This is a very difficult question and I am not sure, what the cards will answer, so just again for information - the cards can give possibilities and trends - but the outcome of a situation depends also on the behaviour of a person, what he/she is doing with the opportunities, and what the universe is giving to him/her.

I start with the Goddess-cards:   This drawing is showing very clear the development - at the moment all is still unclear and she will continue her way, she will explain her opinion and that she was acting in a good will, but she has also her limits and could not be responsible for all actions.  The world keeps on moving and she gets tired of finding the best solution for all - she had to be strong and she needs to be strong in the future as well.

That means for the Goddess cards, the situation will be difficult for her but she will be strong enough to accept it.

Now the Kipper-cards.  Here, I asked for the outcome of the situation for her.  She will travel a lot to visit different people, and she will have many who will help and support her.  The cards also say that the procedure will take a long time - months maybe years - but she has the card of big luck by her side; even if the cards also show prison, the result will not be so bad as was speculated.

And these 2 drawings are confirming the following vision I had last night - before Fearless Predictions Real Psychics asked this question.  In my dream last night, I saw a woman in black dress (I did not know her) walking on a zebra-crossing and a car came very quick towards her.  It seemed that it would be an accident, but on the last centimeter the car stopped and she survived and could continue her way to the other side of the road.  So for me, the result will be good for her under the difficult circumstances.

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Reading Date: February 4, 2015
Photo: GMA News