Monday, January 19, 2015

Neil Perez @ Mister International 2014

by:  Psychic Maria Psychic Chango 

Hello dear readers! Once again I'm here writing to you all, and I want to share my appreciation to the Admin of Fearless Predictions Real Psychics for all the effort and dedication, as well as for the opportunity I was given to share my insights!  It fills my heart to be able to share with you, and today I want to speak to you about the Mister International contest taking place in South Korea, on February 14th (Valentine's day, by the way), in which Mariano Flormata, Jr. (a.k.a., Neil Perez) will be participating. 

First of all, Mariano looks gorgeous! 

I do feel this contest to be different than others of it's kind.  I feel this to be a very beautiful contest with great energy and participants actually enjoying instead of acting cold with lots of rivalry.  The contestants will be helping each other, while having a great time representing their countries.  Mariano, specifically, will be doing this very well.  I get a sense of harmony with him, and I feel him performing very well in the contest.  I feel he will be full of wondeful emotions, and his energy will be really positive.  He will definitely impress the judges and the world! 

When it comes to winning, let me be honest, I don't feel Mariano as a winner in the sense of taking the gold home, but I know he will be very happy to be a part of this pageantry, and this is really good for him - for his career and journey.  The contest will open doors and perspective for him more then anything!  

Well, hopefully he will get the gold, but my feeling is he will win in many other ways!

The Mister International 2014 contest represents a lot of evolution and learning for Mariano.  His strength characterizes him, and he is very much supported for it.  He will face a stiff competition, and several candidates who are better prepared for this kind of contest, even if he has a chance of being a favorite.

I don't know what happened to him in the past, but i feel people outside the Philippines have less trust in him now than before. This contest comes as an opportunity to show himself again, and prove what he is capable of.  It's a chance for people to trust and believe in him more. He will gain some recognition outside the country but no, he will not win this contest, although I can feel him placing high.  There are participants that are more able and better prepared for this. He will have to work more on his strength and on his skills to have a better participation, if he were to join other competitions in the future.

However, this will bolster his career as a model.  I also feel he does something else besides modeling, that is very helpful for his professional growth.  The word that describes what is about to come for him is "Magnificence", and is an era where his career, finally, will bear fruits after a long time of sowing seeds.

The importance of this contest is that many will know him.  The alliance and the future look bright for him here.  Maybe he is still not ready for a contest as huge as this.  The cards are positive, and in this contest it is more important to create an impression rather than just aim for the title.  Mariano will create an image to the right people and this can represent a new beginning for his career.

I would like to warn him though, that in spite of his financial success, comes a time of loneliness.  He will be surrounded with "friends" but he will feel emptiness inside. This may trigger some depression or some sort of abuse if he is not careful about it.

Reading Date: January 5, 2015, January 15, 2015
Photo Source: Neil Perez Facebook