Monday, December 1, 2014

Valerie Weigmann @ Miss World 2014

by: Psychic Maria, Psychic Astrid, Psychic August & Psychic Massada 

So, let's have a look, what the cards are showing about this beautiful lady; we will start with the Kipper-Cards:

This drawing is not so favourable for her - as you see the development is a bit difficult - she is preparing with a lot of work on herself, her image and her body and spirit.  She will be very happy about the travel to go there and to have the possibility to participate on this award - but she will be disappointed about the behaviour of the competitors, they are not fair and she needs to take care about what she says and does.  They are really waiting for her to do a mistake or a wrong step, that they can take the advantage out of the situation.  The fact, that she is a very sensitive person, this rough behaviour of them, could disturb her self-confidence and then she cannot be calm and cool on stage.  So the cards are proposing to her, to do yoga or meditation, to avoid too much stress and mistakes.

Now the Goddess-cards about her ranking-position: Miss World, 1st Princess, or 2nd Princess:

Yes, she will have the possibility to reach the last round - during the vote it will seem, that she can win it, but then another lady will become stronger and stronger.  Apparently this will be the moment, that she needs to take care to avoid mistakes and stress.  The goddess-cards are telling her, if she is not cautious in this situation, her chances will skid down to 2nd Princess.  Altogether, the cards are good for her and she just needs to avoid the stress and inadvertence so she can have a wonderful time and work on herself for a good future.

The Philippines bet for Miss World 2014, Valerie Weigmann, will fail to secure the crown, although she will manage to obtain a high ranking in the pageant.  Miss World 2013, Maegan Young, would be crowning her successor, who is a candidate from a western country.

Even if she failed to take home the Miss World 2014 crown for a back to back win for the Philippines, she will be a bigger Star when she comes back home.  Her Eat Bulaga daberkads will be giving her the warmest welcome; then will follow product endorsements, TV and movie role offers, and so on, pretty much like what happened to her predecessor on the noon time show, Diana Meneses.

I came up with a card spread, specially developed for this purpose, to check on possibilities of  Miss Philippines turning Miss World 2014.

There is a lot of emotion in the contest, generally speaking, and also it points in the direction of choices that have to be made. This contest involves a lot of money and so there is a lot at stake. It also shows a sort of mystery around the whole contest and people closed in themselves.

Miss Philippines - she is a  charming person, who is goal-oriented. She knows what she is heading for and she is focused on her goal, not losing track for sure. The cards showed her currently reviving happy moments from before (maybe when she had won a previous competition?).

Now, the outcome for Miss Philippines. The cards show a moment of reflection and Miss Philippines feeling cleared off from the competition, showing us that she is most likely not getting the crown, and obviously this means a big loss to her. The cards show that she will still have a great performance, therefore, she can still be happy about the contest.

So the question is:  Does this mean she could be the 1st or 2nd Princess?  I see there is a big blockage for her to get the 1st Princess title.  However, the title of 2nd Princess looks more auspicious for her.

My intuition screams Europe, though for some reason, Africa feels strong too.

The big day is ready to happen, Miss World 2014 is almost upon us and tensions are growing.  Energies getting really high at this point! 

I have a strong liking for Miss Philippines but it I feel one of the judges will not allow her to win, and that will jeopardize her coming in first.  I feel Miss Philippines placing second or in the winner's circle.  I also get Mexico and India as very strong. 

Fearless Predictions Real Psychics Note:  Psychic Massada has a surprise prediction for Valerie Weigmann.  Coming soon!

Photo: Miss World Philippines