Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Marcos Family

by: Psychic August

Sen. Bongbong Marcos, as I see it, will not go for the presidency, nor the vice-presidency, in the upcoming 2016 elections. He will seek a re-election as a senator, and will secure it again in 2016.

Come 2022, he will go straight for the presidency of the Philippines; his running mate would be a male mestizo.

Gov. Imee Marcos, on her part, will seek re-election as the governor of her province, and will regain it in 2016.  She will seek election to senate in 2022.

Congresswoman Imelda Marcos will seek re-election in 2016 and, like her son, will keep her place in the Congress. While being reluctant, she will seek a senatorial seat, like her daughter, in 2022.  She will win it.

The Marcoses exhibit a tendency to lay low and bide their time, during this period leading to the 2016 elections, when their rivals, the Aquino's and allies, are still firmly in power.  Something will happen in the years after 2016 that will put them right on the trajectory for 2022.

Photo: various sources

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  1. Sounds very promising to me!

  2. Salamat naman at makabalik na rin sila sa malacanang sa 2022.

  3. Male mestizo as running mate? hahaha. Si AP "Kahon-Kahon" Cayetano yan malamang pero mukhang talo yun tapos si BBM lang ang mananalo. Pwede ring si Gibo Teodoro dahil Ilokano rin. Panalong tandem BBM-Gibo.Kung hindi man si Gibo sana si Sis Grace Poe na lang running mate niya kung di pa yun tatakbo for VP sa 2016. But I'm happy na makakabalik sila sa Malacanang at ituloy ang grand plans ni Apo. It's about time na malinis na ang pangalan ni Apo at magawa na ang dapat gawin para maging industrialized country na ang Pinas.

  4. Ok yan. Bongbong Go go go!

  5. Bongbong pwede pa... PERO SI IMELDA!? Tsk tsk....

  6. PCGG eyes full accounting of P168 billion recovered Marcos ill-gotten wealth

  7. saan ang PROVE? sabi nga mismo ng WORLD BANK AT FBI.

  8. BBM na lang pag asa ng bayan!

  9. Oxford University confirms Bongbong Marcos got only 'special diploma'

    1. So he did go to oxford then, right?

    2. He attended Oxford and Wharton.

  10. No sanctions for Bongbong Marcos?

    The Senate ethics committee cannot unilaterally probe into false claims about degrees from Oxford and Wharton

  11. Bongbong Marcos corrects resumé

    His revised resumé shows he did not obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics; only a 'special diploma' in Social Studies. What is confusing is the reference to a 'Graduate degree'.

  12. Jejomar B. RoxasMay 15, 2015 at 1:03 PM

    Bongbong Marcos' Sulu visit: How did Moro rebels react?

    Run for president, say some Sulu residents. Atone for the sins of your father, says the MILF.

  13. Jejomar B. RoxasJune 26, 2015 at 8:01 PM

    At the rate Bongbong is going, he may just be the dark horse we are looking for.
    In fact, I did an informal survey of people from all walks of life (non random, more convenient sampling), and the premise is what if Grace is disqualified and the remaining major contenders will be Binay, Roxas, Duterte and Marcos.
    The result is overwhelmingly for Bongbong and Duterte is a far second. And when I remove Duterte from the list, his voters transfer to Bongbong.
    Hey, anyone who knows Senator Marcos, are you reading this?

    Prof Antonio Contreras, political analyst

    Sen. Marcos urges Aquino: Stop jailing political foes