Monday, October 31, 2016

Major Psychic Prediction on President Duterte

by: Psychic Gurmeet

Will Duterte be able to turn the Philippines into a developed country ie., better economy, lower unemployment and improved peace and order situation?

I will give exactly what I see that holds for the future-- I clearly see direct confrontation with opponents that will not work out well.  He will have to be more cunning and use all his wiles to defeat his enemies. Perhaps he has to sacrifice something in order to succeed. I also see someone stealing important information or some deep secrets below his nose.  Next, I also see a woman who looks from a warrior or political background, who spies for another country or political party. Numbers 5 & 7 or connection to it or any person near him may bring his defeat, failure, and loss not only for him but for the whole country.

He has been chosen to do something big and change his country to set the right example for the whole world, but he needs to take right steps otherwise the powers will have to choose another one to do better.  Further, when I look in more details, I can clearly see that he will need to cut his losses and swallow his pride because things can start from where it all began, as if he might get back-tracked.  The course he is on right now shall bring nothing but misery in the long run if direction is not changed.  A change in plan or direction is a must, with more diplomacy. There are things that he is running from or the things that are being overlooked, for which he will repent later.

Being stubborn, having pride and refusal to give in, even if everything is lost and above all showing it off is a not a good combination at all, and at this stage of responsibility.  He needs to be more careful from deceptive charms and beauties.

Will he be able to lure foreign investors and create more jobs in the country?

There will be benefits to people but not the way they are being expected-- here law and order will always remain the top priority that might change the system from its core, and some major changes with good news related to employment and business.  With economic strategy and planning, things look possible. However, I see people working harder, salary cuts and higher expenses too.  A vision and strategy to lure foreign investors will work. Thing will be entirely different soon because I see some major changes and big leaps that this country will take for progress, no matter who rules it.

With his recent stance on strengthening the country' relationship with China, will he risk being ousted from his position by the country's biggest ally, the United States? How will the Philippines relationship with the US be during Duterte's tenure?

Strengthening the country' relationship with China and other major things done in the past will have negative impact in coming time.  A very strong woman from US will be looking at him and his moves constantly and diplomatically waiting for the right time to show a strong reaction to the past.  She may try her best to get control and tame the lion but it will be hard for her because he will not be alone there will be the power of 8 with him but I again see a lady who will control him and make him move as per her choice but she will have to give in all her mind, powers and efforts to do it and she is seen working and planning it even now.

Will he sustain public support until he finish his term?  Will he be able to finish his term?

Like a man walking on a rope at a great height and there are many people trying to cut it, I see partial support that can never sustain for long-- to win hearts and all hearts is not possible as there are so many things that I see as a positive change but before that, there would be sacrifices.

I see people losing their faith in him and he will feel being crucified and deceived by his own men in coming time but careful control of volatile factors right now may save him resulting in his full term with success and holding to his success that will be legendary and people will remember for generations.
...careful control of volatile factors right now may save him resulting in his full term with success that will be legendary and people will remember for generations.
Thanks for appreciating my precious predictions.

With love & light to all the readers.


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