Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ferdinand Alexander Sandro Marcos Lovelife & Politics

Could you please tell us what your prediction is regarding Sandro's lovelife?  And will he eventually pursue a career in politics?

Ferdinand Alexander "Sandro" Marcos is actually surrounded by many girls whom he could easily get interested in.  Romantically, what I see at this stage of his love life, is the presence of a young woman, fair complexioned and of slim build, also currently finishing her studies, although both currently prioritize their studies more than matters of the heart.

I see Sandro in a serious stable relationship and will settle down in his late 20's, a year or two shy of being 30 years.  It will be a good marriage with an ideal partner. Before this, he will be lining up his achievements in the political scene, one after the other.

As to the question of whether Sandro will pursue politics, my 2014 prediction on Ferdinand Alexander, still remains the same:
Perhaps acknowledging the significance of taking on his grandfather's name, Ferdinand Alexander will enter politics when he comes of age; going for a seat in Congress to represent a district associated with his family. He will continue on to become a senator.
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