Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bongbong Marcos' Sons

by: Psychic August

Bred in ways as befit a Marcos, the sons of Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. are reared early on to lead successful lives.  Their ties with the father's side of the family is rather close and warm.  With their mother's side, it is mixed, however.

Although it is desired by their father that they eventually seek excellence in public office, they are ultimately given the choice to decide their own paths, and as to where they will want to succeed in.  The mom prefers them not to be too active in politics, and instead to excel in a chosen profession away from the public eye.
Ferdinand Alexander
Perhaps acknowledging the significance of taking on his grandfather's name, Ferdinand Alexander will enter politics when he comes of age; going for a seat in Congress to represent a district associated with his family. He will continue on to become a senator.
Joseph Simon
This middle child of the 3 boys will be the one not to formally enter politics, but will have a very successful law practice and corporate life. With his mother's preference that he and his siblings not formally enter politics, Joseph Simon will do just that.
William Vincent 
The youngest son of Senator Bongbong Marcos will also formally enter politics like his eldest brother. But he will do so at a more even and stable pace. He will start out with local government positions before entering congress.

Besides progressing in each of their own chosen endeavors, each will have many successful businesses.

These three boys are all born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths, but they must not let it make them contented with the push it gives to gain prominence easily.  If they go the extra mile,  they will add brilliance to the renown of their family.

Reading Date: December 8, 2014
Photo: Various sources