Saturday, March 26, 2016

Let Christ Arise Within You This Easter

by: Psychic August

This Easter Sunday, we once again celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, triumphant over sin and death.

Like what our Lord did 2000 years ago, we can also experience our own triumphs over sin and (spiritual) death by letting His Spirit arise within us and be alive, especially in the eve of this Easter,  as it is expressed in the 2nd verse of Corinthians 13:15 --- "Do you not realize about yourself that Jesus Christ is in you?"

We can do this with a meditation technique that utilizes our very own hearts as the focus of positive, Christlike emotions like peace, love, health, and prosperity, and sending them out to other people and the environment, as inspired by the illustration of Jesus the Christ in the 3 o'clock prayer to the Divine Mercy "a new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another " ( John 13:34 ).

This meditation technique is to be formally practiced just before sunrise of Easter Sunday, and thereafter can be practiced as a daily meditation in ordinary days.

In the formal practice of this meditation before the sunrise of Easter Sunday, it is ideal that no meat be consumed for at least 24 hrs before; also avoid all liquor and hallucinogenic substances.

In the formal practice of this meditation before the sunrise of Easter Sunday, it is ideal to bathe before the performance of this meditation as a form of cleansing and purification.

As you prepare for your meditation, reserve your room, or a corner of your house, that is private where you won't be disturbed while you are doing this meditation.

At your option, you can burn Frankincense, Sage, rose scented or any kind of incense that suits you during the meditation.  You may also play soft classical or religious music.

Use a comfortable chair, or you can sit cross-legged on the floor if you are used to it, as you perform the meditation.  Sit comfortably with your back relaxed while being upright.

Close your eyes and spend a few moments in silence as you slowly and comfortably center your attention upon your heart. Take a few slow deep breaths to further relax yourself.

With your attention now comfortably focused upon your heart, feel the emotion of peace in your heart for a few moments.  After this feel the emotion of love from your heart, again for a few moments.  Follow up with the same sequence, this time feeling the emotion of health in your heart, for a few moments.  Lastly, feel the emotion of prosperity, in your heart, for a few moments.

Now we will begin to radiate or project these positive feelings felt in our hearts outside ourselves to benefit other people and the environment.

Repeat the sequence of feeling the positive emotions in our hearts for a few moments - first peace, then love, followed by health and finally, prosperity - but this time comfortably feeling, imagining, or simply believing that they are emanating from your heart to encompass your immediate environment.

You may use the picture of Our Lord Jesus the Christ in the 3 o'clock prayer of the Divine Mercy as your inspiration for this.

Continue to repeat the sequence of feeling the  positive emotions of peace, love, health and prosperity in your heart for a few moments, radiating them from your heart to the outside, this time feeling that they encompass the town or city you live in.

Repeat this cycle of positive emotions felt in the heart and radiating outside of it, this time encompassing one's own country.

Again, do this cycle of positive feelings felt in the heart and radiating outwards, this time encompassing the whole world.

Lastly, do this cycle of positive feelings felt in the heart, radiating outwards, this time encompassing the whole universe.

As you finish the last sequence of positive emotions, be quiet and still... and do not think of or feel anything in particular; just dwell in the silence within you for a few moments.

After a few minutes of dwelling in the silence within you, slowly open your eyes.

You have concluded your meditation; you can now go with the peace of the Lord to carry out your normal activities of the day.

An optional practice of this meditation technique is to use the sequence of feeling positive emotions in one's own heart and project or radiate them towards a person or group, or even to a situation, thereby blessing the person(s) or the situation.

As you go through the sequence of positive emotions felt in your heart, simply think of the person(s) or situation you wish to bless with said positive emotions as you feel them in your heart.  Positive developments will surely follow with said person(s) or situation as you do this technique continuously in this manner.  Practiced this way, this becomes a technique of long distance or absentee healing.

Also, practicing the meditation technique this way to bless person(s) or situations for at least twice a day for 40 days makes it a prosperity technique which burns up karmic debts, enabling prosperity to easily manifest itself in all areas of one's life.

I wish you all the Peace and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ in this eve of Easter Sunday and thereafter.