Friday, November 6, 2015

What's Next for The Miss Janicel Lubina?

by: Psychic August

What awaits "The Miss Janicel Lubina" following her Top 10 finish in the Miss International 2015?  Will she be sent to another international pageant in the future?

Following the Miss International 2015 Pageant, there is a rainbow after the rain for Miss Janicel Lubina, Bb. Pilipinas International 2015, and Miss International 2015 Top 10 finalist.

In fact, the Miss International  Pageant will just be a chapter in her exciting life.  She can expect more lucrative modelling  and commercial endorsement contracts and  even offers to enter show business.

With regard to pageant endeavors, I don't see her being "recycled" for other beauty pageants in the future.

Romance is also in the air for her as I see a very ardent admirer seriously pursuing her in the very near future, if not already in her periphery.  However, Janicel has the tendency not to enter into any romantic relationship at this time, preferring to focus her attention to the more practical aspects of her life.

I see Janicel eventually as a business woman/entrepreneur and the wife of a prominent non-politician in the greater future.  She will be a big supporter and patron of models and pageants.  Janicel will be a philanthropist for domestic helpers, pets and insects, and endangered wildlife. This will be her real success.

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