Saturday, October 10, 2015

Egg Cleansing Ritual to Cast Negative Energy Away

by: Psychic Jay

No, this is not a culinary blog and I'm not going to show you how to poach an egg!

What I'm going to teach you is how to cast away any negative energy in and around your body.  This technique, called "limpia", has been practiced in some parts of Spain and South America, as well as Mexico for hundreds of years.  So if you believe that someone had cast a bad spell on you ("kulam", or even "usog"), or a situation you are in is creating a lot of negativity in you, then I suggest you give this a serious try!

For this ritual, you will need a raw egg, and about a cup of salt. Will take you 7-10 minutes to complete.

Here are the steps:

1) Wash the egg with soap and tap water, then dry.
2) Go to the bathroom, and with the salt, create a circle on the floor, where you can later stand in the middle of the circle.
3) Take the egg, remove your clothings, and stand in the middle of the salt circle.  Now you're ready for the actual cleansing.
4) While holding the egg, close your eyes, take a couple of slow deep breath to relax yourself,  imagine a white bright light coming from the sky, reaching your whole body.  Imagine that you are being wrapped with this white light from the sky.
5)  Pray to your Creator, and wish that whatever negativity in and around you be vanished.  Meditate on this for a few seconds.
6) Touch the top of your head with the egg. Imagine that the egg is sucking all the negative energy off your head.  Rub your head with the egg, slowly going down to the base of your head (where your spinal meets the skull), rub the egg, for a few seconds, then around your ears, to the temple, check and jaw, and to the neck.  Recite  "Negative energy, go away!", at the same time.
7) Continue rubbing the egg down to your chest, your torso, hands, stomach area, groin, legs, up to the base of your feet. If there's a spot in your body where you feel pain, concentrate in that area for a few more sec.
8) Repeat for at least 3 minutes.
At this point, all the negativity should have been absorbed by the egg already.
9) Break the egg into the toilet, sprinkle with the remainder of your salt, and flush away!
10) Finish this exercise with a shower.

This is a simple egg cleansing ritual but it does work wonders! You can do this up to 2 times every week, on a Tuesday or a Friday.