Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton @ US 2016 Presidential Election

by: Psychic August

Hillary Rodham Clinton is more than qualified to be the US 45th President.  She is truly a noble soul who seeks only the best for all in which everyone gets his or her own fair share as reflected on her stand on such issues as income and health care inequality, LGBT discrimination, undocumented immigrants obtaining U.S. citizenship, etc.  Her vision is broad and far reaching, and guarantees eventual benefit for all as seen in her foreign policy, especially concerning radical international terrorism such as that displayed by Islamic radicals, and the Middle East situation.

However, it is her stand on certain issues, such as the limitation on the second amendment of the US constitution  ('...the right to bear arms...'), trade and infrastructure issues, the board of governors to compose the Federal Reserve in her presidency,  etc. , plus her email controversy that may not give her the required numbers to win the Democratic nomination for the 2016 US Presidential Elections, at the last minute losing out to a major male contender who will be able to address the mentioned issues more to the satisfaction of American voters.

Again, the 45th US President is revealed to be a Caucasian male.  This reading matches my initial prediction earlier this year.  If this will be so, then it means that the American public is not ready yet for a female president. For, like in the Philippines and all other countries for that matter, the leader of a nation will always be a reflection of the mass consciousness of its people; a nation will always get the leader it deserves;  no exceptions.