Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Iglesia ni Cristo Leadership Controversy & Scandal

by: Psychic August

The ongoing leadership controversy surrounding the misuse of church funds, forced detention, and abduction allegations against Iglesia ni Cristo top officials, will create an irreparable gap within the INC congregation.

The Iglesia ni Cristo has recently celebrated its 101st anniversary, having expanded worldwide, going a long way since its inception as a small congregation in Sta. Ana by its first executive minister, Felix Y. Manalo.  Photo: inewmedia
The schism within the First Family of the church will continue, as the "expelled " brother and mother of the current executive minister will not stop their exit from the church, while never once denying and recanting their allegations on the gross misuse of church money, abduction and forced detention charges, and threat to their lives.  They will move on to establish a counter-movement to the main church INC, which will become a new congregation of its own, although not flourishing as the main church INC.

Meanwhile, the INC will successfully continue with its ministry, growing rapidly across the globe, while those church officials accused of misusing church funds for personal ends will quietly slip away from public spotlight.  The kidnapping, forced detention, and death threats allegations will also eventually disappear from media as if nothing happened.