Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hypnosis Anyone?

Fearless Predictions™ note: Has anyone tried out hypnosis?  Several months ago, I was browsing the web for esoteric resources and bumped into an interesting talent -- a hypnotist! 

Well, at first I thought this was not the usual thing for this blog, but since it can easily fall under "esoteric" genre, I might as well give it a try and share to those who would be interested.  

Just today, Argenteous performed a hypnotic induction on me.  For the lack of any specific therapy objective on my part, we agreed to just focus on relaxation hypnosis.  After the 10-minute or so session, I started feeling an intense surge of serenity, and the presence of some sort of a thin divide within me - it's like there's something in myself that I don't recognize!!!  Argenteous clarified that it's because I'm experiencing the "newness" in me as the result of the  hypnosis session.  Boy, was it surreal!

Thank you, Argenteous, for the hypnosis demo! 

The Hynotherapist Argenteous

My professional line of work is hypnosis. I'm a hypnotist-hypnotherapist, certified in Ericksonian (conversational) hypnosis, with my own practice. I chose this line of work because it's a natural extension of all the esoteric traditions; every single religious and occult practice connects with the idea of trance.

Hypnotic trance, or Monoideism, as it was called in the past, is the one element which connects all of those traditions together, into a coherent, practical, helpful and useful whole.
Argenteous is a professional hypnotist / hypnotherapist, and can be contacted through his online chatroom or email.