Saturday, January 10, 2015

Philippine Charter Change, Freedom of the Press, RH Bill

by: Psychic August

Will the 1987 Philippine constitution ever be amended to enable faster economic development for the country?  

The cards answer with a Yes, and it happens during the next administration. A woman law maker will put a major contribution into it.  This will greatly help the Philippine economy grow in the years after the amendments.

Will it be amended to allow President Noynoy to run for Presidency again?

Regarding a charter change to allow Presidential re-run, the cards are clear there will be no amendment on that part of the Constitution during the remainder of President Aquino's term, or during the next administration.

Will the Philippine Freedom of Information Act ever be passed and implemented?

Fortunately, the cards say that the freedom of information act will be passed and put into effect.  However, it's not happening next year, but midway into the next president's term.  Public pressure will be the reason for this to finally happen.

There will also be better implementation of the RH bill next year and into the next administration, although it will be often hampered by supposedly "lack of funding".

Reading Date: January 10, 2015 
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  1. Oh gosh. Hope all these will come to fruition soon especially the first one. What about Miriam Santiago? Will she ever run and win the presidency? Thats all im waiting for. Thanks for the reading though.

  2. Looks like its not happening this year, not on speaker belmonte's watch. Next year, as the Prediction says, perhaps.

    There is no way proposals to amend political provisions of the Constitution can be slipped in on the sly in a House resolution calling for economic Charter change, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said yesterday.

    Political cha cha nixed