Saturday, January 3, 2015

Angel Locsin

by: Psychic Christy

Even though she has had a lot of losses she still holds the upper hand in establishing influence in many lives including her own.

She will have many surprises to come.  Things will start to happen very quickly for her requiring her to take a step out of the situation and reflect on what is best for her.

She needs to know that there is a lot of jealousy which will cause trouble all around her.  She is able to overcome this is, and she is aware of it.  There are many new beginnings for her.  She also needs to stay with the man in her life.  She will find this in an emotional gentleman.  There is also a young personality that will help her along the way.

Her work will bring both peace and harmony and well as money contentment.  Her home life will bring also peace and harmony, and arrows of love as well.

In her past relationships, she has felt bound and gagged and unable to speak her mind.  

Regarding her present lovelife, she will not be coming back to her ex, Phil Younghusband.  There is a chance of marriage with Luis Manzano.  They have a lot of new beginnings.

Reading Date: December 28, 2014
Photo Source: Angel Locsin FB