Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Predictions: Psychic Maria

by: Psychic Maria

Hello, Dear Readers!

Once again I am here writing to you all. This time I want to speak a little bit about 2015.  It is generally a good year, I would say. According to numerology, we will be going through an 8 (2 + 0 + 1 + 5), which is actually a good number that represents stability and achievements, the feeling of being grounded and down to earth.

I decided to focus my prediction on natural events and catastrophes as it is one of the biggest concerns for you guys, so you can, in a way, prepare yourself for what is to come. I started by checking the odds for natural disasters in Philippines and quite unfortunately I got a clear 'YES, there's going to be something'. The cards confirmed my gut feeling and also showed me this holds a very spiritual meaning to the people of Philippines.

I feel a strong event taking place in this country, that's going to shake some specific area. This seems to be intense and most likely involving an earthquake and possibly water coming in, like a tsunami.  I feel it for the month of April or close to April.  July and October are also months of testing when it comes to natural things taking place, but it feels these ones are not as intense as before.  However, this will have some impact on the economy I believe.

When I look at the map of the Philippines and try to feel a specific area/region, I am drawn to Viriato and Puraran mostly, some internal regions close by, and possibly near Mayon volcano.  I'm sorry if the names of the places are not correct, but there seems to be a lot of divergence in the maps I find.  I mean the eastern side of the country.  Hopefully, I am wrong and the people of this country will have peace during the coming year of 2015.  If I am right, then God help us make through and let us hope for the best.

Thanks for your time, and all the blessings for 2015!

With best regards,


Reading Date:  December 10, 2014