Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Predictions: Psychic Astrid

by: Psychic Astrid

Today, I will do a general reading to see whats in store for the Philippines for 2015.  We will go through the details as the year progresses, so for now I will only give you an overview.

First and Second Quarter

The coming year will start with some disappointments, because the things did not develop like most of the people were promised (government, weather, working places .....) so the people will feel a bit down and this is the reason, why they will start to complain in the second quarter and everywhere it will be discussions, disputes and conversations to find new solutions - specially this part of the year will be very active and full of stress, and in times like this the risk of accidents are very high - so my advise to everybody , "pay attention in every situation, to avoid accidents".

Third Quarter

In the third part of the year, the situation will calm down a bit and you will take the time to fill up your energies and you will observe, if the situation will be better - everybody is a bit tired from the busy and stressy first half of the year .

Fourth Quarter

People will be calmer and full of new hope - they will be more relaxed and they can enjoy more time in harmony and they will end the year in a positive mood.

All together the year 2015 will bring much discussions, disputes, disturbances and very much stress - but specially, when the poeople think "I cannot anymore....." than the situation will calm down and they can take a breath and relax for the next positive adventure ;)))

Wish you all a very Happy 2015!

love, light, and big hugs,


Reading Date: December 12, 2014