Monday, December 1, 2014

Psychic Maria

Since childhood, Psychic Maria had always felt different from other kids.  She would predict something unconsciously which will eventually get to pass.  This would upset her because she could not understand why she was that way.  So at age 14, she asked her mom to get her a tarot deck, and started using it spontaneously, which also helped her develop more spiritually.  She also became a Reiki master at a very young age.  People would come to her and ask for help, and thats when she learned her mission in life - to help people understand their situations with clarity.

What makes me impressed with Psychic Maria is her candid and thoughtful insights on the questions at hand.  She imparts positive predictions with a warm, witty smile, but answers "no" with serious conviction.  She is such a sweet lady, but sugar-coating is definitely not her style.  Being spontaneous and frank, Psychic Maria can quickly discern details about a situation, and I would just leave wondering how in the world she did it!

Psychic Maria speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.  If you wish to know more about her or get in touch with her, please check her profile.