Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Psychic 2Light

"My positive energy propels my psychic abilities and allows me to see the light and the path. It also allows me to guide those, who wish to know the path they are currently on and to find the one,which will lead them to the light and love and the happiness they seek. Giving and receiving are not different. When we give, we receive."

Based in the USA, Psychic 2Light uses a combination of Tarot and intuitive ability to hear the voice of Spirit which is the "ultimate voice in the path to love and light and happiness". 

Everyone who comes into his room, he sees them as an energy signature.  He sees their aura and receives flashes of insight into various things surrounding their life. 

"This gift was given to me by God after a near death experience.  It is a message to everyone as well as to myself that miracles happen every day and to never forget where the gift of insight comes from, which is from God."

My own experience with Psychic 2Light?  I will summarize it: He is so gifted, and tunes in without effort, very spot-on in giving me a whole picture of my situation and a taste of what was to happen, which actually came to pass!
Psychic 2Light speaks English, and if you wish to contact him, please check his profile.