Sunday, October 19, 2014

Psychic Chango

Chango is a Colombian psychic who has inherited his Powers of Nature from his mother who was a Mambo priestess. When performing divination, he consults with the "higher bubble of existence".

"They are beings of light, ascended masters, some of whom were humans once. They are always with us and show us their existence".

He also reads with egyptian tarot, pendulum and marseilles cards. He is a spell-caster and a Reiki master. He started at a very young age of 8, when he accidentally predicted his sister's flu while playing with his father's runes.

One of Chango's unforgettable predictions is the 2010 magnitude 8.8 killer earthquake in Chile, for which he had seen and felt the sufferings himself before the disaster happened.

I've been reading with Chango for a long time -- and in my own opinion, the most appropriate adjective to describe him is: UNBELIEVABLE, or its synonyms.

For more details about Chango, please check out his profile at the top of the site. He has an international clientele and speaks spanish and english.

Photo: Oranum