Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ISIS Predictions

by: World Famous Psychic SPY

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS (or ISIL) will take control of Pakistan nuclear weapons before Christmas. Taliban will also join ISIS in Afghanistan.

We are now going to see a concerted push by Islamic terrorists in to Africa and Israel. I have dream't of huge numbers of Jewish dead.

Other countries will soon be part of the ISIS caliphate. Groups in Africa from the Mediterranean down to equator will soon join - Libya (done),  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco. Iraq, Syria.

Many will be recruited from the Philippines through MILF.

Dreams of lots of dead people, not Iraq or the usual places.  Tunisia will be next to have the trouble from Lybia.

Dreams show the whole of North Africa will soon be a war zone.  Morocco to Iran.  Pakistan, Afghanistan all supporting ISIL.  We must think of KORAN.

Turkey desires ISIS to control Turkish Borders and march into Europe.  Can the Kurds hold on, I do not dream they do. Only more death to come.

The ISIS war will continue for the next 50 years, ending in a nuclear explosion in the mid east.