Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Psychic Insight: Rodrigo Duterte @ 2016 Presidential Candidacy

by: Psychic Jay

Could you please read on developments around Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's presidential candidacy?

There is a good possibility that an offer will come his way in the very near future, but he must work hard to go out and seal it.  Although it is already under his nose, there is still a possibility that he will lose it. 

The cards give an advice that he needs to exhibit concern for other people’s needs in favor of his own. What is lacking now is his connection on the emotional level rather than intellectual.  The cards suggest to be more conscious of the consequences of his actions and their effect on others.

The cards still indicate Mr. Duterte contemplating on what he really wants. This ambiguity in direction is causing him to lack the motivation and drive to really pursue the opportunity at hand. The cards suggest to focus on his true passion, before working towards a goal which doesn't stimulate his excitement. He needs to release some of his existing responsibilities to free up his energy for any new opportunity he wants to embark on. There is a sense of fatigue and the feeling of responsibilities being overwhelming for him.

The final conclusion of this spread tells me that Mr. Duterte will still be in a state of "hesitation" for any long term commitments, and he needs to relieve himself of any excess pressure and capabilities to give way to the new opportunity i.e., Presidential candidacy.

Reading Date: December 5, 2015
Photo: Philstar