Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 Prediction on Philippines El Niño & Global Climate Change

by: Psychic August

The El Niño phenomenon currently affecting Philippine climate will continue into 2016 which will bring in a very hot summer, although the severity of typhoons hitting the country will be less  as it was this previous year 2015.  If there will be any flooding,  it will be caused more by the neglect of people rather than nature.

On a global scale, despite the UN global summit on climate change held recently in Paris, France, there will be little resolution on the man-made impact to the global climate change that is warming up the earth.

There will still be wide-spread flooding in a lot of areas in the world, alternated by severe drought in other parts, as hurricanes and typhoons become all the more severe in the next following years,  flooding and eventually claiming most coastal cities.  The earth will look gradually different in the next years to come as large areas of land will slowly be claimed by the oceans, starting with the currently known coasts.

Vast tracts of land in the north and south poles will gradually emerge, no longer frozen, offering abundant flora and fauna, as displaced masses will slowly populate them.  In the next years ahead,  the eventual extinction of various endangered animal and plant species will continue.