Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ms. Alma Moreno @ 2016 Philippine Senatorial Election

by: Psychic Jay

The spread opens with Ms. Alma Moreno facing a challenge to the continued success of her senatorial candidacy from the public.  While this seems to be blocking her way, she can overcome this obstacle by drawing upon her self-confidence, particularly by clarifying her purpose.  She also needs to understand that she cannot win everyone's approval all the time, and what is important in this situation is to highlight her individuality.

I see a mature father-figure who will be at Ms. Moreno's side extending great influence to her.  This man is rich, generous, and conducts himself very well in politics.

Ms. Moreno will be required to exert more effort, and organize herself to solidify her stance in  the senatorial race.  This will be a slow process for her, as she will not quickly realize what she is aiming for.  She will have the required endurance to continue on, however, she will not be able to push harder and accomplish what she desires.  At that point in time when Ms. Moreno is hindered by challenges that her real strength will manifest and shine.