Monday, November 2, 2015

Psychic Encounters in Ciudad Verdadero

Located between Km 135 and 136 of Lucban and Sampaloc towns within the Philippine province of Quezon, Ciudad Verdadero, which means "City of Truth', is a 29-hectare rolling hill of relative wilderness. At an initial impression, it would appear that there is nothing extraordinary about the place, but to the psychically "sensitive", the place would be discovered to be a sanctuary where one can communicate and receive revelations from certain nature spirits who have made the place their home.

Situated at the foot of the mystical Mt. Banahaw, Ciudad Verdadero is said to be the new "Mt. Banahaw" as the nature spirits of Mt. Banahaw have made the place as their new home after the mountain has become over commercialized and has fallen victim to environmental neglect, needing rehabilitation.

The place is "looked after" by Mr. Artemio Cataqiuz, a businessman residing in the city of Pateros, Metro Manila.  He bought the raw land 29 years ago for the purpose of turning it into a coffee plantation.  But to his surprise, the crops failed for several months in a row.  It was at this time that the powerful nature spirits who have resided in the area began to reveal themselves to him through other people who were psychically gifted to communicate with them.  These spirits then told Mr. Cataqiuz that the place was not meant to be used commercially, but its purpose was to help people achieve wholeness by coming into direct contact with the subtle forces and beings present in the place to help them develop psychically and spiritually.  And as such, he was not to ask for any kind of contributions or donations from anyone visiting the place, nor to charge fees for the use of its facilities.

The bell in the caretaker's house is 
sounded three times to "cleanse" incoming visitors 
It was through the unexpected acquisition of two very successful food businesses shortly after that enabled Mr. Cataqiuz to maintain the place while observing the conditions admonished by the spirits of the place.

In visiting the place, one must first make a reservation with either Mr. Cataqiuz, or through his assigned caretaker, Ms. Thelma, who resides in the place along with her family.  This is important in order to be properly accommodated, as nowadays many groups visit the place.  It is said that not everyone can find the place, even if having secured reservation with Mr. Cataqiuz or his caretaker, if one is not ready yet or "worthy" of the Ciudad Verdadero experience.  That is why Mr. Cataqiuz would always emphasize that people must have good intentions in visiting Ciudad Verdadero, which is not a place for mere vacationing or sightseeing.

From the non-descriptive sign that serves as the only marker for the place that is often easily missed, especially if you go to the place in the night time where there are no lights save for those coming from the few houses present along the road, one must proceed along a dirt road inside the place, which is beside a wooded lake.

The dirt road leading to Ciudad Verdadero
The first stop upon entering Ciudad Verdadero is the caretaker's home, where one registers and proceeds to ring a bell three times to announce their arrival to the nature spirits of the place, and to rid oneself of whatever negative vibrations (usually negative emotions or even negative entities) one might be harboring at that time.

After the visitors get settled, they are led to the chapel adjacent to the cottage, where they light white candles for a more proper introduction to the spirits of the place. After this, there is the mini labyrinth inscribed on the floor of the chapel which is used for walking meditation.

Interior of the chapel, with the mini labyrinth.  The group of women who are all my friends fronting the altar were just four in number when the photo was taken.  The appearance of  the 5th woman in the far right, not bunched in with the other women, is mysterious.
This photo was taken in 2012.  Your's truly is the guy in a white shirt. 
Look closer and notice the shadowy object by the window.  I'm also fascinated by the appearance in this photo of the short bearded guy next to me, as I'm the only male in the group during this visit :)
The bearded dwarf-like person in the photo could be the known elemental that has been identified as living in the chapel premises.  I forgot his name as given by the caretaker, but he has made himself known to a lot of visitors of the place.

Before proceeding with the walking meditation,  a wish or a positive intention must be mentally formed, then one starts to walk slowly along the pathway of the mini labyrinth while still  keeping in mind the wish or positive intention while continuing on slowly traversing the twists and turns. Upon reaching the floral patterned center, one must silently stay put even if for a few moments, again still intently focused on one's positive intention or wish.  After that, one exits the center and proceeds to further walk the labyrinth to the way out.

The walking meditation done with the mini labyrinth of the chapel is usually an energizing experience,  inducing an altered state of consciousness which has physical and emotional/mental health benefits.  Actual physical healings are often experienced after doing this, plus even emotional catharsis which is an overall beneficial experience, no matter how uncomfortable it may initially seem.  The caretaker, who again, is a gifted clairvoyant and spiritually developed, is always at hand to assist whenever the need arises. So no worries!

After lighting the white candles in the chapel, the caretaker advises visitors to proceed to the spring water grotto further downwards the hill. The spring water, which has its source up Mt. Banahaw, is still pristine pure mountain spring water.  A grotto with the Virgin mother Mary has been built around where the spring collects into a pool.  One is advised to bathe of the mountain spring waters, especially washing off areas of the body that may need healing, and drinking off the waters at least 3 times.  Again this is to facilitate physical and emotional cleansing.  The mountain spring waters, still being pure, tastes refreshing and has an energizing effect engendering a physical healing.  One of my companions found out as she was healed of her breast cancer shortly after our trip to the place.

Outdoor Cretan labyrinth, Ciudad Verdadero's main power spot
The main power spot of Ciudad Verdadero is what referred to as the Cretan labyrinth, a considerably large stone stepped labyrinth set up as a garden on top of the hill.  The Cretan labyrinth, which is a larger version of the mini labyrinth of the chapel,  is also used for walking meditation in the same manner as the mini labyrinth, and can be accessed once visitors have bathed and cleansed themselves in the waters of the mountain spring grotto. It also has a healing and energizing effect like it's smaller version in the chapel, but is often experienced as the more powerful one.

The same procedure for doing walking meditation in the mini labyrinth in the chapel is observed when using the Cretan labyrinth - a strong and firm positive intention or wish is formed in the mind as one slowly walks along the twists and turns of the stone steps of the labyrinth, reaching the center and lingering there for a few moments or so while still mentally focused on the positive intention or wish,  and again meditatively walking the stone steps until exiting the Cretan labyrinth.

It is important to form only positive intentions or wishes before walking on the stone steps of the labyrinth, as anything you take in with you emotionally and mentally - whether positive or negative - you will encounter in the labyrinth in any given appropriate form, as one friend found out to her dismay as she harbored fears when she proceeded to walk the labyrinth. True enough her fear took physical form as she encountered it blocking her path on the labyrinth.

The altered state of consciousness induced by doing walking meditation on the Cretan labyrinth can also make one lose a temporal time frame, as I found out when I did some extra walking meditations while my friends were asleep late in the night. What seemed to be several rounds of walking meditation done in an hour's time actually took several hours, as I noticed the sun was already rising up when I ended the several rounds of waking meditation. I didn't also feel alone as I felt the powerful presence of several spirits around me during that entire time. They were just observing and encouraging what I was doing. Spirit presence and strong subtle forces are often encountered while working with the Cretan labyrinth,  as my friends also found out for themselves.

The remaining known power spots of Ciudad Vedadero are the meditation tower, the helicopter landing pad  (otherwise known as the UFO landing pad ), and the flower garden, the power spot behind the caretaker's house.

The meditation tower
The meditation tower, which seems to be an unfinished tower-like house, is an area of high psychic energy. Many people meditating in the area have reported very profound experiences in their meditations. The area around the meditation tower is also home to a lot of unseen entities who can be perceived and communicated to by the psychically sensitive, especially the numerous spirit orbs who frequently appear in photographs taken in the area.

An aerial view of Ciudad Verdadero, where the Cretan labyrinth 
and the ("UFO") helipad  is visible
The helicopter landing pad is a piece of white concrete more or less half the size of a basketball court set upon a grassy field providing access to helicopters to land in the area.  Besides also offering a panoramic view of Mt. Banahaw, the area is also highly charged psychically, like the area of the meditation tower, and thus, can also easily induce an altered state of consciousness to those meditating at the spot. There are often reported contacts made with extra terrestrial and even ultra terrestrial  (beings from other dimensions  of existence ) beings by psychics who come to the spot, hence it is also known as the UFO landing pad.

Lily pond in the flower garden, the power spot behind the caretaker's house
Lastly,  the lower garden,  the power spot accessible via a slope behind the caretaker's house.  The area is a breeding ground of  diverse flora, all nestled in a wooded area circling a three tiered pond filled with lotuses. A grotto of the Virgin Mother Mary is at the center of the 3-tiered pond, upon an accessible artificial island. The place is eye candy to nature lovers.  But the area also has a high degree of psychic vibration and is home to very powerful nature spirits, which psychics have found out themselves upon visiting the area.

There are most likely other power spots situated in Ciudad Verdadero that are not well-known like the ones mentioned here, since the whole place itself seems to be highly charged psychically.  Extraordinary experiences may be had virtually anywhere within the whole place, or perhaps none at all, which have also happened to a lot of people who have visited the place.  We go back to the most important pointer I have mentioned earlier, which is to have good intentions when visiting the place, as Ciudad Verdadero will reflect back to you what you brought with you when you arrived!

There are several individuals who offer to take you for the Ciudad Verdadero experience; these people usually charge a fee for their services.  But in keeping with the purpose of the place as A SPIRITUAL HAVEN  OF A NON PROFIT NATURE  THAT IS OPEN TO ALL AT NO COST, it is still the best policy to contact directly the main people behind Ciudad Verdadero. For inquiries and reservations, please contact Mr. Art Cataquiz  (+6326424877 ) or Ms. Thelma  (+639164078629 ).  The place is open to all.

Special thanks and acknowledgement to: 
Mr. Art Cataquiz and Ms. Thelma of Ciudad Verdadero. 
Ms. Jenny Legazpi and Ms. Lydia Bragais for the photos used in this article.  

Blessed be!