Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rogelie Catacutan @ Miss Supranational 2015

by: Psychic August & Psychic 2Light


Ms. Rogelie Catacutan, Miss Philippines Supranational 2015 will be a finalist at the Miss Supranational 2015 pageant to be held in Poland this 4th of December. I see the crown being awarded to a lady representing a country that has yet to win in this pageant.

The cards are advising Rogelie to simply focus on everything relevant to her competing in the Miss Supranational pageant, tuning out any personal concerns that may only burden her and diminish the energy she will need during the pageant. I wish Rogelie all the best!


When I focus in on Miss Phillipines, Rogelie Catacutan, I get a sense of accomplishment.  There is so much more to pageants than beauty, grace and elegance.  She does not linger in the past or focus on her failures but looks at the failures of the past as learning curves and her success as a ladder to the light.

She has a strong character, a strong force of will that does not allow her to look at challenges as defeats or hurdles but opportunities.  What I sense is that she does not place blame on other people or try to minimize other people in order to make herself feel better or to gain favor.  Rogelie looks at herself first.  She examines her life, the good and the bad choices, and she puts them behind her.  Rogelie is poised to take the crown.  When I drew a card for the situation as it stands right now, I drew the World.  In the near future, dreams come true and miracles happen, as the Star indicates.

Opportunity is opening up to her.  There is confidence, happiness and security around her. This competition is a way for her to show everyone that beauty can be both eye pleasing and intelligent. I sense with Rogelie that she will succeed in her goals.  What I sense in her now, is that life is leading her down the right destiny path. Her intuition is guiding her the way it always has and always will.  She knows where she is in life and where she wants to be.

I sense too that this competition will go well for her.  Rogelie has goals in place and she will meet then exceed them.  I won't be surprised if Philippines takes center stage this time.