Location: United Kingdom

Experience in Divination

World Famous Psychic SPY is known around the world for his recorded predictions of 9/11 Twin Towers attack, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Lockerbie plane crash, the death of Princess Diana, among others.

He was a part of the team who found Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  He had also predicted the Malaysian Air MH370 a day before it went missing.

He has been working giving readings for over 35 years now. Over that time he has been invited to take part in 100's of TV SHOWS, RADIO SHOWS and in thousands of news and magazine articles. He had his own TV show for over 3 years in Europe on Satellite TV. Almost every major documentary channel in the USA and world-wide had made a show about his work. This includes National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Science Channel. If you have never seen his documentaries, most are on YouTube.

Read THE G.O.D. EXPERIMENTS, a book written about Psychic SPY by university professor Dr Gary E Schwartz from the USA; and DREAM DETECTIVE, a book detailing the first 8 years of his extraordinary life how he became the most well-known and accurate psychic in the world.

"All the stories and evidence is there to see. There is an amazing spiritual realm that we all share. Guides and angels are there to show us the way and help us on the right path in our lives."