Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Miss Universe 2015 - Clairvoyant's Prediction Revisited

Exactly a year ago, the whole pageantry world, or universe rather, was shocked by the 2015 Miss Universe coronation controversy when the host, Steve Harvey, announced the wrong winner.  Albeit this unprecedented gaffe, it was the time  for pageant-devoted filipinos to rejoice, victorious after a 40-year drought from this most celebrated beauty pageant.

Let us re-post the 2015 Miss Universe prediction that had kept our readers wondering for several months prior to the coronation.
But I see a beautiful woman from the East, with alphabet "A" attached to her, has a great scope as mentioned earlier, in some controversy at some time but that will be in her favor and will have a chance to win, with her being soft spoken and winner of hearts.
Hap-Pia-nniversary, guys! 😆

FEARLESS PREDICTIONS REAL PSYCHICS: Miss Universe 2015 - Clairvoyant's Prediction: by:  Psychic Gurmeet Fearless Predictions™ note:  With the pageant still many months away, and most countries still preparing for their lo...

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