Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kylie Verzosa Prediction @ Miss International 2016

by: Psychic Jay

Miss Kylie Verzosa, in this reading, represents a spirit of confidence and intellect, and a character of strength, energy and  moving forward.

Kylie will be a favorite in the Miss International 2016 beauty pageant, not only to fans but to the organizers as well.  I see an elderly man who regards highly of her and will help her win the international competition.  In fact, many positive events from now on until the pageant will lean to her favor, which will boost her confidence even more as the pageant approaches.

This reading also warns her not to lose focus, which is shown here as her biggest fear.  She needs not be too sensitive to critics, but instead take an objective look at what they have to say, and take up any learnings or opportunities that would be of benefit to her overall.  It is extremely important that she let people help her, as she will need it, and she cannot do everything alone.

Miss Philippines will face a stiff competition in the pageant which she would find overwhelming, but she will rise to the challenge.  This reading conveys a message that Kylie will be highly favored for the Miss International 2016 crown.

The experience and achievement will bring her a lot of opportunities in the future.  I see her as a successful model, a businesswoman and eventually, a politician.

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