Saturday, April 16, 2016

RCBC US$ 81-M Money Laundering Scandal

by: Psychic August

Will Branch Manager Maia Deguito and other RCBC officials be convicted in the US$ 81-million money laundering case?  Will the mastermind be uncovered?

The cards drawn from the Marseilles tarot deck are the Knight of Swords, The Hierophant, and The Moon.  The branch manager will be convicted in the money laundering case, along with her assistant.

The chain of blame may see other RCBC employees prosecuted, but the senior executives who have had something to do with the case will be spared.

As to whether the mastermind will be identified, the first card drawn for this question is the King of Batons, then the World, the King of Swords, and the Six of Coins.  More people will be identified as having had a hand in the money laundering case, especially people outside of RCBC, including a man prominent in business and the casino circles, who will be identified as being one of the main masterminds of the whole money laundering scheme. On the other hand, Kim Wong is shown in this this reading to be the key in uncovering the big players in this scam.

Unfortunately, the total sum of money taken from the Bangladesh Bank will never be recovered, and the involvement of a number of others, within and beyond the employ of RCBC, will never be traced.